Since the early 1960’s there’s been a replica of the High Point State Park Monument to NJ’s Veterans at the intersection of Rt. 23 and Hankins Rd. V1 was created by my Dad to advertise Chrysoma Kennels (started by my parents). After many years the business ended and the sign went away, but the monument remained as a small local landmark. Despite my Dad’s attention it eventually needed to be replaced.

My brother and I built version 2 twenty-or-so years ago, but that too was wood and it’s time had come.

I took advantage of new techniques and materials to create V3, which Meghan and I installed yesterday. This version is made out of Azek (pvc) and the top of the monument has two 3d-printed components (I didn’t have to cut all the angles this time!). The first 8″ of height in on an FDM printer, and the top 2″ is printed in translucent resin (there are some solar LEDs in there that I need to tinker with). Hopefully this new version stands the test of time!