EBE stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. It’s the name of a game I wrote in college around 1991. I recently recovered the code and exe from a 300mb full height SCSI drive I still have from the period. I don’t know what’s more incredible – that the SCSI interface (and hard drive power interface) has been so long-lived, or that the drive still works. I ran the code in the DOSBOX emulator to get a few pics. At the time, I was using a custom hardware circuit to provide digitized sound over the PC’s parallel port. That device is lost to history…

The “fun” part of the gameplay was choking the aliens once you reduced their health to a certain level.

I am no artist; I drew the pictures by hand on paper and scanned them (in glorious monochrome) with a Logitech manual hand scanner like this:

.. then I hand-colored and anti-aliased each image/frame with ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush program. PC’s were too slow for a lot of sprites back then, but I used color-cycling on palette to give the background a greter sense of motion.