The thumbnails below are an ever-increasing gallery of items I have worked on. But they aren’t in any particular order, and I may randomly update pages depending on my progress. Click here to see a list of projects sorted by most-recently-update. I’ve also started to publish some of my projects on my YouTube channel:

"M" Planter
API Hound
B9 Robot
Baby Yoda (Grogu)
BB8 Replica
Candy Chute
Cat houses!
Custom Alexa Wake Words
Dice Tower
Dr. Theopolis
Drone Landing Pad
Dye Sub and Vinyl Cutting
Easton Public Library Sign
Excelsior Software
Giant Whiteboard
Government Stuff
High Point Monument Replica
Human Foosball
Laser Projector
Light Up Tuxedo
Magsafe Charger
Maker Family
Mashup Patterns
Maslow CNC
Mighty V (Five)
Monica's Podium
Nerdy Derby 1.0
Nerdy Derby 2.0
Night Blossom
Ogrinz Labs
Pencil Sculpture
Qualcomm Invent-Off
Quick Costumes
Remote Cat Feeder
Rhombic Dodecahedron
Robby the Robot
Techie Youth Logo
The Big Six
Toy Ideas
Vacuum Forming