A combination home office, maker space, and home arcade. Meghan made this awesome sign for me:

The “office section” has 3 main computers, each with dual screens. 1 for “the real job”, 1 for all the maker-related stuff, and my laptop for everything else (localendar.com development, other side projects, school, etc) . That doesn’t include all the equipment on a baker’s rack in the closet that powers the “mikeO” custom DVR.

Most of the video games and pinball machines I have collected/restored are in the background whenever I do video calls. Between those and the B9 and BB8 robots, there are some great conversation starters.

When Pier One recently went out of business, I was able to purchase some of their shelving and organize the maker stuff.

The Gigabot is the largest of five (!) 3D printers now in the space, with a giant build area of 600mm^3

The really messy work is done in the 3rd garage bay, which is closed off and separate from the other two, and functions as a workshop:

The “Official” Ogrinz Labs logo: