Writing a book? Seems like a good idea for any bucket list…
In 2008, I first discovered the tools and technology that today is being called “Robotic Process Automation” and “Robotic Desktop Automation”. Although at the time, the industry wasn’t sure what to call it. “Mashups” was what we had settled on at the time. I was approached by Pearson after I gave a lecture at a conference on Wall Street. I told them what I thought a book on mashups should be about, and they responded by asking “Sounds good – do you want to write it?”

After 6 months of writing, and almost another 6 months of editing, Mashup Patterns was released in early 2009. Unfortunately, it would take some companies years before starting to see the value of the technology

After Mashup Patterns, I went on to write a variety of other articles for the Tech Target network and contributed to several other books.

(Side note: The product that set off my interest in Mashups was Kapow. Kapow’s automation server was called “Roboserver” and they called their automations “robots”. But to avoid any hint of favoritism in the book, I avoided any use of the word “robot”)