I never thought I would be able to afford a machine to CNC 4×8 sheets of plywood (the dream size for making my own arcade cabinets, furniture, etc). Then I learned about the Maslow CNC machine on Kickstarter. I was the last backer in the initial batch of 500 (the project is now run by Maker Made CNC)

Imagine a draw-bot/wall plotter like this…

.. but instead of strings coming from the corner, there are chains. And instead of a marker or pen at the vertex, there is a wood router (with a stepper motor to adjust the Z-height). That’s the Maslow:

My Maslow (original design) cutting side panels for Nerdy Derby 2.0

Total cost? Around $500 (including the router!) I’ve since done a few upgrades (new frame design, new sled), and the accuracy of the machine is even better.

Demo’ing the original Maslow at Maker Faire Westport 8 in 2019