As a friend pointed out recently, Hexagons are the Bestagons.

With that in mind.. the inspiration for 2 recent projects (and the design for a birdhouse Monica requested)

First, a new hexagon-themed light for over my desk:

This LED “Wall flower” below is a surprise for my niece. After I added some LED lighting to her sister’s room…

.. I could tell she wanted something “light-up”, too. The construction process roughly follows the hexagondesk light I made, but I added a thin protective layer of clear plastic to protect the polystyrene disposable plates I cut up that diffuse the lights. Plus the code was a little more complicated (actually, there’s no code for the desk light since it’s just white). Each part of the stem and petal consists of non-consecutive LEDs, so they need to be associated (and manipulated) in a separate data structure.